2021-2022 Program Assistant Internship


What We Do:

The Berggruen Institute was established in 2010 and works across cultures, disciplines, and political boundaries, engaging leading thinkers to develop and promote long-term answers to the biggest challenges of the 21st Century. The Institute hosts reports and activities within four main research themes:  The Transformation of the Human, The Future of Capitalism, The Future of Governance, and Globalization.

The Berggruen China Center is a hub for East-West, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary research and dialogue on transformations affecting humanity. Intellectual themes are focused on frontier technologies and philosophy, frontier technology and society, and the transformation of governance. The Berggruen Institute has committed $22.5 million to the Berggruen Research Center at Peking University, which was launched in December 2018, and it includes a fellowship program and houses program activities such as closed-door roundtables and symposia alongside a host of other public events.

What you can get from working with the Center:

   - Opportunities to work closely with world leading researchers in the fields of artificial intelligence, biotechnology and ethics, as well as the architects of new international relations (IR) theory

   - Opportunities to work closely with a dynamic team for a newly established Center that is engaged with not only academic communities but also industry stakeholders

   - Opportunities to leave your footprint on the Center’s communications materials and research programs

   - A variety of team building activities for interns and staff and a team that supports your professional development

   - A monthly stipend of about 1200 CNY based on attendance (30 CNY per hour)

What we expect from you:

The  internship program runs for a year from summer 2021 to June 30, 2022. Interns are required to work 10 hours per week, with each intern negotiating in-office time with her/his supervisor. The internship does not guarantee a paid job at the end of the program.

   - Assist the Program Coordinators in organizing the Center’s programs and events

    ■  Join from the program planning stage, your opinions on the design of the program are encouraged and appreciated

    ■  Help with the English language materials for program and events, including proofreading of English materials translated from Chinese, event promotion documents, agendas and reminders

    ■  Prepare interview questions for the speaker of English events, record interview videos, and proofread video subtitles

    ■  Take summaries for events that are hosted in English - the summaries will be used on the Berggruen Institute website as well as printed materials

   - Assist the Center Director for her research projects

    ■  You will be asked to assist allocating research resources and others. You are welcome to communicate with her about your thoughts on the topics.

   - Assist the Researcher in drafting BIWeekly Newsletter

    ■  Research and summarize advancements in program areas

   - Other tasks that are related to program and communications

We hope you:

    - Can bring your happiness to the office 😊

    - Are a self-starter who is able to multi-task and have the ability to take initiative and problem solve

    - Have extensive computer skills (Microsoft Office a must), impeccable  phone etiquette and people skills are a must, experience working in a  team environment

    - Have agency or in-house PR experience in the politics, public affairs or communications field

    - Interested in and aware of international and Chinese trends in  "ethics of artificial intelligence," "digital governance," "bioethics,  and “global governance”

    - Are a native speaker of English, and are fluent in Chinese

    - Are either third or fourth year in your bachelor’s degree or in your master’s degree

How to apply:

Please email cover letter and resume to chinacenter@berggruen.org before July 5, 2021


The   Berggruen Institute is proud to be an equal opportunities workplace.  We  firmly believe employing a diverse workforce is important regardless  of  race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual   orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender identity, or   Veteran status. If you have a disability or special need that requires   accommodation, please let us know. We make recruiting decisions based  on  your experience and skills.  



博古睿研究院成立于2010年,我们以跨文化、跨领域、跨地区的思维方式,促进激发伟大的思想,来制定并推动出台长远的解决方案,应对21世纪面临的各种挑战。 博古睿研究院关注领域:人类变革——前沿科技和社会现代经济制度的未来数字环境下的治理制度以及全球化和国际关系新理论


   - 与人工智能、生物技术和思想伦理等领域的世界一流研究人员密切合作的机会

   - 与学术界和各行业均有合作的中心里,与一个充满活力团队密切合作的机会

   - 有机会在中心的宣传活动和研究项目中留下你的印迹

   - 一个为实习生和员工提供各种团建活动、并支持你职业发展的团队

   - 根据考核情况,每月提供约1200元人民币的津贴(每小时30元人民币)


   - 协助项目专员筹备中心的项目和活动

■  从项目规划阶段开始参与,你对项目设计的意见将受到鼓励和赞赏

■  协助准备项目和活动中的英文材料:包括校对中文翻译而成的英文材料,整理活动宣传文件、观众日程及提醒邮件等

■  设计英文活动的嘉宾采访问题,录制采访小视频,进行视频字幕校对

■  对用英文举行的活动进行总结——总结将被用于博古睿研究院网站以及印刷材料

   - 协助中心外方主任的研究工作

■  外方主任研究工作的重点包括:人工智能和伦理,数字领域政策等

■  你将协助她寻找研究材料,也有机会和她交流你在这些领域的想法

   - 与项目和宣传相关的其他任务

■  查找整理总结项目领域的动态

   - 可以把你的快乐带到办公室 😊

   - 积极主动,能胜任多项工作,并拥有不断进取和解决问题的能力

   - 拥有多种计算机技能(必须会使用Microsoft Office),且必须具备良好的电话礼仪和交际能力,以及在团队环境中工作的经验

   - 在政治、公共事务或宣传领域,拥有代理或内部公关经验

   - 感兴趣及了解国际上和中国关于“人工智能伦理”、“数字治理”、“生物伦理”,“全球治理”的动态

   - 母语为英语,并且普通话流利

   - 大三、大四本科生或研究生


请在2021年7月5日之前将求职信和简历发送至  chinacenter@berggruen.org